PPAR 2013 was hosted by Bristol Myers Squibb in New Brunswick, NJ, on October 1st and 2nd. The meeting brought together scientists from various companies to discuss PAT activities. Along with these discussions, new initiatives were proposed on data exchanges for supply chain records, rapid micro testing, and the use of disposables/sensors. More details can be found in the past meetings page and in our Linked In discussion.

This meeting offers a chance to interact with other colleagues, discuss best practices, learn new technologies, and identify common needs. PPAR is not a standard conference, but is instead an interactive, informal discussion of the current state and future direction of PAT. The roundtable forum gives a group of approximately 30 participants the opportunity to discuss these important topics in a more informal environment than is generally encountered at conferences. There are no formal presentations, although participants may be asked to give a short topic introduction to kick off various discusion sessions.